9/11: The Conversation We Never Had

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As we approach the 10-year anniversary of 9/11, faith leaders reflect on the challenge of living with the deep ideological and religious differences that persist in our multi-denomination society. “You can’t have healing unless you have dialogue and unless you have engagement,” says Bishop John Bryson Chane, an Episcopal Bishop of Washington, D.C.
Blessed John Paul II reminds us that interfaith dialogue is central to Christian evangelization and fundamental to the Church, based on the very life of the Triune god, as well as a respect and love for every human being.

“As far as local churches are concerned, they must commit themselves in this direction, helping all the faithful to respect and to esteem the values, traditions and convictions of other believers. At the same time we must give a convinced witness to the great gift of faith.” March 23, 1984

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