American Missionary Sister in the Sudan, Africa

Sister Cathy Arata began directing Solidarity’s Pastoral Services in March 2010 after having been selected unanimously for the position by the Solidarity’s Governing Board. Sister Cathy, a School Sister of Notre Dame (SSND), hails from New Jersey and Maryland.  A former missionary in El Salvador,  Sister Cathy has a long and distinguished history of dedicated service to the poor and marginalized. 
From the very first days of Solidarity’s presence in Southern Sudan, Sister Cathy was the organization’s contact person in Juba to help establish vital contacts and operational links for Solidarity in Southern Sudan in the capital city. Sister Cathy has served Solidarity for five years. In her role as Director of Pastoral Services, she coordinated the 101 Days of Prayer for a peaceful referendum prior to January 9, 2011.  The event was an extraordinary success uniting Christians and  Muslims in prayer for a peaceful future.  She has also brought Sudan’s parish leaders together for training and planning in peace-building within their own dioceses.  SEE MORE HERE

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