Helping the Disabled in Bamenda, Cameroon

Fr. Lovat in center with people from his parish

The Xaverian Missionaries have been working in Cameroon, Africa since 1982. Fr. Italo Lovat, one of our missionaries who used to work in the United States, has been in Cameroon for many years. In Bamenda, where he works, they are attempting to reach out to the disabled community. The disabled there have no real substantial support for their needs. The project of a center for the disabled is underway and requires more funds to continue. Would you like to help? Please read Fr. Lovat’s letter below:

Dear Friends, 
In times of need I turn to the generosity of friends of the Xaverian Missionaries for help in our missionary work in Cameroon. The mission of Saint Paul, in the diocese of Bamenda, is located in a highly underdeveloped area. This is especially true in the more remote villages. Life is very po0r and as missionaries in Cameroon, we do a lot of work in the social area through schools and clinics, drinking water and electricity. The poor with disabilities of one sort or another receive no assistance whatsoever. They are often left alone, living on the margins of society. In many cases, a minimum of professional assistance would be enough to provide somewhat normal lives. The construction of the center for disabled people in Bamenda is well under way, but we had to stop work because of a lack of funds. Flooring, plastering, kitchen facilities, sanitation, water, electricity, and medicines are still needed. To make the center operational. We need about 26,000 dollars more. Any help will be for us and for people with disabilities a gift of Divine Providence.

Fr. Italo Lovat, SX

If you would like to help please forward your assistance, with instructions where you would like your donation to go to:

Fr. Frank Grappoli, SX
Xaverian Missionaries
12 Helene Court
Wayne, New New Jersey 07470
Email us
Online donations may be made here


Eucharistic Procession in Bamenda, Cameroon

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