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Xaverian Missionary in Brazil, Fr. Paolo Andreolli, Will be Made New Auxiliary Bishop in Belem

On 1 February 2023, Pope Francis appointed our confrere Fr. Paolo Andreolli, S.X. (16 December 1972), former Vocation Promoter in Belém, as Auxiliary Bishop of Belém do Pará (Brazil), assigning him the titular See of Altava.

We thank Pope Francis for the trust he has placed in the person of Fr. Paul and in the family of the Xaverian Missionaries. We join in the reasons of joy and gratitude to the Lord of the whole Xaverian family, assuring the bishop-elect Paolo Andreolli S.X. of our affection and prayers. See More Here

World Interfaith Harmony Week

Annual UN Observance Week, February 1-7, 2023

The World Interfaith Harmony Week is based on the pioneering work of The Common Word initiative. This initiative, which started in 2007, called for Muslim and Christian leaders to engage in a dialogue based on two common fundamental religious Commandments; Love of God, and Love of the Neighbour, without nevertheless compromising any of their own religious tenets. The World Interfaith Harmony Week extends the Two Commandments by adding ‘Love of the Good, and Love of the Neighbor’. This formula includes all people of goodwill. It includes those of other faiths and those with no faith.

In commemoration of this week, the Metrowest Interfaith Dialogue Project invites you to the following events:

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New Interfaith Refugee Committee Forming from our Dialogue Project

The Metrowest Interfaith Dialogue Project, which we began in 2018, continues to bring ways to inspire and bring new levels of understanding among the different faiths of our community, as well as those that are spiritual but not religious. Recently, we began to work together to gather volunteers from our different faith communities to work together to welcome Ukrainian war refugees. Interested in volunteering or donating? More information is here.

September 2022 we celebrated the 75th anniversary of the presence of the Xaverian Missionaries in the United States. September 2023 we will celebrate the 75th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima Shrine with an exciting opportunity to join our pilgrimage to Fatima, Portugal. If you are interested in more information contact us at, or at 508.429.2144. Reserve your place today!

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