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May the power of the resurrection, that bursts through every life and every epoch, find you in your darkest hours and in your brightest days. May that Spirit guide you and strengthen you, and give you cause to believe that you matter more than you know. May our prayers and efforts from that Spirit heal our discontented hearts and disconnected humanity.

New Mission Blog: Building Bridges: From Parma, Italy to Morocco

Father Pietro Rossini in Morocco for a media project

You’re part of my family because you brought me a piece of my son”.
These are the words I heard from a Moroccan mother when I brought her news of her son imprisoned in Parma, Italy.

*For this article we will use fictitious names respecting the privacy of the people involved in this story.

Abdoul, 22, was arrested eight months ago, during which time he could not have any contact with his mother living in Morocco. Convicted of drug dealing, he was banned from communicating with the outside world.

I met Abdoul two weeks before going to Morocco to work on a documentary as part of the MissioNET group.

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