Sharing Christ Across Faiths and Cultures

Sharing Christ Across Faiths and Cultures

Mission Blog Update: Connecting with our Muslim Neighbors at Ramadan

On the evening of June 15, 2018, Ramadan has come to a completion for this year, the feast of Eid al-Fitr. As part of our new Mulitifaith Collaborative in the metrowest area of Massachusetts, we organized an iftar celebration, bring Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Daoists, and others with our Muslim friends in the traditional breaking of the fast of the day. What was unique to this particular celebration was that it was non-Muslims who organized everything and invited our Muslim neighbors and others to join us. It was a great occasion to make new friends, and learn more about each other. [MORE]

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Christian Witness in a Multi-Religious World

Fr. Viviano (Right) and Fr. Franco Sottocornola (second from left) with Buddhist friends at our dialogue center.

Fr. Rocco Viviano, Xaverian Missionary working in Japan is an expert in interreligious dialogue and works closely with Franco Sottocornola at a dialogue project called Shinmeizan. He has edited a publication of a collection of papers from the International Association of Catholic Missiologists entitled, Christian Witness in a Multi-Religious World. These papers are from the sixth annual conference in Pattaya, Thailand. Christianity is a minority throughout Asia and our witness there is crucial in our proclamation. The papers look at the reality of Asia Christians reside in, the limits of our witness, religious conflict, and reconciliation. Download the publication here.

The Xaverian Mission Newsletter May 2018

The latest printed issue of the Xaverian Mission Newsletter is now out ready to be mailed to our subscribers.  For more than 60 years the XMN is an invitation to you to see a world larger than ourselves, marveling at all of diverse cultural expressions of our same Catholic faith, through the work of our missionaries in twenty one countries. We invite you to read through the stories of Catholic faith in this issue through the lens of Indonesia, the departure of Catholics from the Church in the US, embracing our immigrants, and more.[READ IT HERE]


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