Religious Vocation Discernment

Religious Vocation Discernment

C34The journey to Religious Community life has many challenges, and requires a lot of thinking and actions. You might have questions such as “How do I go about in discerning my call in life with the Xaverian Missionaries?”, or “What kind of signs should I be aware as I discern a Vocation?”, or “What does Religious Missionary Life entail?” These links will help you in your journey and don’t hesitate to contact us directly at the house nearest you for any help you need.


 Take a nine day journey with Fr. Rocco Puopolo.

9 Days for Discerning a Mission Vocation by Xaverian Missionaries USA

Discernment resources of the Xaverian Missionaries

Discernment resources from Vision Vocation Network

Resources from Catholic Volunteer Network

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