Release of Names of Xaverian Missionaries Credibly Accused of Sexual Abuse of a Minor

January 2020

Dear Mission Friends,

Prompted by the desire to help the healing from the pain and anger caused by clergy sex abuse and the lack of accountability and transparency on the part of church leadership, we are making public a list of any Xaverian Missionaries in the USA Province who has had a credible allegation of abuse against a minor or vulnerable adult since 1947.

As you may be aware of, at the heart of this crisis is the painful, sinful and illegal harm done to children by those whom they should have been able to trust. Under the watchful eye of our accreditation agency, Praesidium, Inc., we have implemented these best practices for more than fifteen years and can be grateful, although no less vigilant.

The list we publish notes criminal and sinful failures in the pastoral care of children. These allegations were made decades after the abuse occurred. This list includes any allegations where the offense was admitted by a Xaverian Missionary, or where it was established as credible after an investigation. Any living Xaverian Missionary with a credible allegation of abuse is removed from ministry and assigned to a community that does not serve minors where he lives under a closely monitored safety plan. Any case of abuse is shocking and a profound failure. Safeguards put in place since 2002 help create safe environments for everyone. 

On behalf of all of the Xaverian Missionaries of the USA Province and worldwide, I apologize for any of our brothers who have fallen short of living the Gospel message and have committed crimes of abuse and pledge to work to provide safe environments for all to whom we minister and to offer support and possibilities for healing to victims. I urge anyone who has experienced abuse by a Xaverian Missionary to contact Rev. Carl Chudy, s.x., our Victim Assistance Coordinator at 862-264-7000, or

At these trying times for our Church, the Body of Christ knows the suffering of its Lord in real ways. May the healing touch of the Lord and our prayer + commitment transform our wounds into means of saving grace to “make of the world one family.”

In the Risen, Healing and Saving Lord,
Fr. Mark Marangone, s.x.

Delegate Superior of the United States

Media Contact:
Director of Communications

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