Year of Consecrated Life


Come Pass it On (Part I)

Here is the  three part series on the meaning of consecrated life in the Church through the eyes of the Xaverian Missionaries.

Come Pass It On Again (Part II)

Come Pass it On Again…Again…and Again (Part III)

For the Xaverian Missionaries the ideal is Christ; we seek to be united to him and thus to be able to say with Saint Paul: “For to me to live is Christ” (Phil 1:21). Our vows are  intended as a concrete expression of this passionate love.

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Pope Francis dedicated 2015 as the Year for Consecrated Life, emphasizing the gift of religious life in the Church today. Historically, since the300’s AD, religious life has continually grown and developed in response to crisis of the day and each religious congregation or order offers a specific charism or purpose which is meant to answer the deepest needs of humanity.

For us Xaverian Missionaries, our religious life and lifelong dedication to the global mission of the Church are inextricably intertwined. The Gospel we share against the backdrop of the Kingdom of God is the Good News embodied in Jesus Christ; the most fitting and radical proposal in the search for solutions to the most serious problems afflicting humanity. We have been called and gathered into community to give ourselves totally to share the compassion and mercy of Christ across cultural and faith boundaries.

Opening new vistas for new Christian communities in places where they never existed before, assisting young, struggling dioceses in Latin America, Africa, and Asia are key to our consecration and our commitment to the Church’s mission. In particular today, in view of the enormous pluralism of faiths worldwide, we also seek ways to connect the Catholic Church with those of other faiths, or no faith at all, in meaningful engagement, interfaith and intercultural dialogue. We strive to promote the common values of the Kingdom through a fraternal and qualified dialogue of faith and life.

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