Ways to Help The Missionary Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima

Our Missionary Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima has become a special place of silence, prayer, mission, and meditation. It is a focal point for pilgrimages, days of recollection, retreats, education, and Interfaith programs. As you visit this Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima, please know that the prayers of the Xaverian Missionaries are with you and we ask you to pray for our mission to proclaim Christ to those yet to know Him, across borders of any kind.

Donations are always appreciated for the support of the Shrine and the Mission Ministry of the Xaverian Missionaries. Leave a legacy by including Fatima Shrine in your will.

Fr. Rocco Puopolo, SX

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Ways You Can Help

1) Cameras for Live Streaming

Special events require the use of cameras and sound equipment that provide opportunities to stream activities beyond the shrine. Special masses, events in the hall, or special occasions on the shrine are some of the places where this equipment is useful.

Suggested donation: $2,000.00

2) The Laudato Si Project

We are restoring about one-third of the property of the shrine to either natural plant life or an Interfaith Community Garden. The project is called "The Laudato Si Project" after the encyclical of Pope Francis on Care for our Common Home. Your donation for this project is appreciated.

3) New LED Lighting in the Shrine Church

Gradually we are in the process of replacing lighting in the church and throughout the shrine with LED lighting which is more ecologically friendly and long-lasting.

Suggested donation: $1,500.00

4) A Missionary Museum

A missionary museum displaying information and artifacts from the Xaverian Missionaries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. It would be housed in the room to the left of Xavier Hall.

Suggested donation: $10,000.00

5) Two New Murals for the Shrine Church

A local artist is invited to produce two new murals for the Shrine Church: Our Lady of Sheshan (China) on one side and Sts. Francis Xavier, Guido Conforti, and Therese of Lisieux on the other. These murals will give a distinctive missionary touch.

Project cost: $24,000.00

6) 75th Anniversary Christmas Mission Display

We hope to renew the Christmas lights mission display for next year. It is a yearly tradition that has gone on for many years, drawing large crowds for Christmas.

Suggested donation: $10,000.00

7) Memorial Benches

Sixty Polywood memorial benches are arranged at the main altar of the shrine and they are available to have your loved ones' names attached to them.

Suggested Donation: $1,000.00 each

8) Memorial Picnic Tables

We are in need of 25 eight-foot aluminum picnic tables for the picnic area of the shrine.

Donation: $1,500.00 each

9) Self-Guided Audio Tours of the Shrine

Equipment and production for self-guided audio tours of the shrine grounds.

Suggestion donation: $5,000.00

10) St. Francis Xavier Hall Kitchen

The kitchen of the hall needs renovation with new appliances and cabinets.

Suggested donation: $1,500.00

11) Pledges and Grants

Make a quarterly, monthly, or weekly donation, or perhaps your company provides matching grants. One-time donations are always deeply appreciated.

12) Security Cameras

We hope to set up security cameras for the church, gift shop, parking lot, and candle sheds.

Suggested donation: $2,000.00

13) Shrine Maintenance

Donations are requested for general maintenance of the Shrine Church and grounds. Examples are the completion of soffits for the church roof, and the painting of the hall and the church. If individuals or companies wish to donate services, contact us.

Contact Us at 508.429.2144 or email at holliston@xaverianmissionaries.org

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