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  • Updated Prayer Request.

    Community of Prayer,

    Thank you for praying!

    Please continue to pray with us for God's Healing and Protecting Peace Now and in the Days ahead...Long Term! Still recovering from events in our personal lives of Family, Friends Deaths(loss of our only son) and other sorrows and hardships from the past and Now! Pray for God's healing and protecting peace Now and in the days ahead... Fall, Christmas Winter 2023,2024....Eternal Rest. Especially in the terrible(New Dark Ages) times(2020's) in which we are living in with the ongoing events. Both manmade and natural disasters are increasing at a rate we have not seen in modern civilization.

    Long Term Prayer Request for God's Healing and Protecting Peace in the months ahead?? Fall Christmas Winter 2023,2024..??

    Please pass on to others to pray in the Worldwide Community of Prayer. Urgent! Long term.

    In His Eternal Rest.
  • Fall, Christmas, Winter 2023, 2024...??
    Community of Prayer,
    Thank you for praying!

    Fall is the realization that all is fading away. Winter is not far behind and the shadow of death sweeps our lives and the land. On a bigger canvas of human history it seems we are entering the winter of the new dark ages from 2023,2024 onward. All we can do is enter our heart and labor to enter that rest. And finally that eternal rest. Hebrews 4:11 " We labor to enter that rest..."

    With a very heavy heart 2023 is turning out to be a very turbulent year of terrible events(Terrible heat waves, weather extremes,unrest,wars and other events happening now) that is shaking our civilization to the core. Man-made and Natural Disasters??

    Pray for peace!

    The last 3 years is any indication we are in deep trouble as a civilization from 2023 onward?
  • Jose Esteves and Parents and grand
  • Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
    I ask for your prayers towards the end of improving my corporal, and far
    more importantly, my spiritual life so that I may follow Him more
    faithfully during this difficult time of my life.

    David Niklas
  • Please pray for my dear friend Mona who is recovering from a brain aneurysm.
    Thank you!
  • Please pray for Brian. He is a 28-year-old young man who had a major stroke about 10 days ago. He is already a miracle by being alive but we would be grateful for continued healing and some peace for him and his parents.
    Thank you!
  • Please pray for my 25-year-old nephew who lost his Mom when he was 14 and his Dad when he was 17. Many friends and family helped him finish HS and College in 2020 but he seems lost now. A good kid who needs therapy to deal with the trauma of becoming an orphan and a good job.
  • My deceased family: Margaret (Mom), Patrick, Donnamarie, and Simon Kittler, all who have gone to be with our Lord. Oops: also, James Kittler (father)
  • LORD,protect Hungary,Bp,my village,have Mercy on B,P,Z,B,K,L,S,L,P,C,B,my family,politicians in Hungary,USA,EU,NATO,Russia,Ukraine through intercession of Mary!Grant us peace,purity,abortionless world
    LORD,have Mercy on proabortion people,proabortion "Catholics" through intercession of Mary!Close in Your HEART,in Your Holy WOUNDS them!Grant us Perpetual Masses,spread of Spiritual Adoption
  • For my brother Geno and his son John who are both battled cancer
  • Prayers for eternal rest for my husband Robert who died 05/03/2020, for my sister-in-law Debbie who died 05/16/2020, for my Aunt and Godmother Alice who died June 06/07/2021, for my son Nathan who died 05/27/2022, and for my sister Laurie who died 02/02/2023.
  • For my mother Lilia Rojas to return back to the United States and her immigration case can be expedited and approved. And for my father Eliazin Bahena Mendoza to hear from prostrate enlargement and my husband Joseph to heal from Pornography and be blessed with a new home to live safe.
  • Please pray I can get out of this horrible state of depression and anxiety
  • Please pray for my fiance Miles and his colleagues. They are stuck in Africa right now with out any money for food and drink and medication. Please pray for the blood of Jesus over them and by his stripes they are healed. Thanks
  • I request prayer for healing and family problems.
    Lucia Isone
  • Please pray for Giovanni Calore, health so that he may recover from his surgery. For him to have the strength and will to get better. For the merciful Lord’s blessing
  • Please pray for son Sahil for his job promotion and salary increase please pray to receive a raise in his salary and improve our family life. Please pray for the Merciful Lord help to his employers to see his hard work and give him the increase in his salary miracously. Please pray for protection and stress free life for us please pray for us we are badly in need of prayer support
  • Please pray for son Sahil for his job promotion and salary increase please pray to receive a raise in his salary and improve our family life. Please pray for the Merciful Lord help to his employers to see his hard work and give him the increase in his salary miracously. Please pray for protection and stress free life for us please pray for us we are badly in need of prayer support
  • Please pray for my daughter in Law Grace for having a child I am praying and begging you to make her a mother. Please pray that God should bless her womb with a child! We dream for her being a mother to a healthy and happy baby. You know what's in her heart and how desperate she is to have a child.
    We would do anything in this world to have a child to dedicate to you my lord. Please bless Grace with the miracle of life in her womb. Please pray to help her please God please we are begging you lord answer my prayers. You are the God of her fertility. We pray and hold faith to your word for a supernatural conception and healthy full pregnancy.
    Please pray for my daughter Siyona for searching her life partners. Please pray that Lord should help her as she desires a good companion in life. Please pray that lord should guide her to choose her partner and give her wisdom and direct her in to pursuit & choose the right person.
  • Please Pray for my needs I am in need for your prayer support please pray for me and my situation I beg for your prayer support.
    I am building my house please pray that our father hands should lay the foundation of my house. The money and resources to build and finish my house should not lack in Jesus Name all the construction work of my house to be blessed, please pray during the construction period every situation and every work carried our should be under his protection my house should be have no hurdles and should not go anything wrong every inch of construction should be protected and strongly done it should be beautiful and blessed house for me.
    Please pray for my Financial needs please pray that lord should provide a divine way over my money, please pray for my financial breakthrough, please pray that all my loans on high interest and all my debits to be vanish out from my life I am facing lots for financial difficulties from last so many years .
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Xaverian Prayers

We offer these prayers for your intentions and needs.

Fr. Tony Lalli SX opened a recent meeting with this prayer By Fr. Andy Alexander SJ:

God of us all, may we be healed and brought together as your people. It was the desire Jesus expressed in his prayer to you the night before he died – that we all would be one. Help us turn to you in faith, that we might repent of all our divisiveness and that we might seek forgiveness and greater unity. May your Spirit inspire us to see the common good, over our own individual good. May we be martyrs – at least witnesses – of the self-sacrificing love you shared with us in Jesus, who died for all of our sins. Let reconciliation begin in our homes and in our closest relationships. May unity always be more important than victory, forgiveness always be sought before judgments, and may solidarity guide our hearts to care for those most on the margins and most in need of our love.Holy Father, keep them in your name that you have given me, so that they may be one just as we are. John 17:11

Andy Alexander, S.J. – Director of the Collaborative Ministry Office at Creighton University.

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