We can’t all travel to the missions but we can all participate in the Global Mission of the Catholic Church through our prayers, our financial help and our spiritual support. There are many ways you can join the Xaverian Missionaries in spreading the “Good News” and “Making the World One Family”!


 Practical ways to show your mission support:

  • Masses: The Mass is the source of Divine Grace and God’s gift to all. It is a praiseworthy custom for the faithful to have Masses offered for their intentions and for their loved ones, living and deceased. Appropriate cards are also available for the Masses you offer (Selection and Choices vary from house to house). Before you order, please contact by PHONE the Xaverian office nearest you for availability and $$ amount. Samples can be found here.
  • Perpetual Enrollments Folders: Enrollments and Memorial Gift Cards are ways to keep the people we love in prayer, and a way of helping the many works of our missionaries throughout the world. Your friends and relatives, who are enrolled in the St. Francis Xavier Mission Guild, share in our prayers and apostolic work. The St. Francis Xavier Mission Guild is a Spiritual Union between the Xaverian Missionaries and their friends and benefactors, aiming at sharing prayers, good works and merits. Samples can be found here.
  • Memorial Gifts and Cards: Persons enrolled both living and deceased, through Enrollments or Memorial Gift Cards share in the Mass offered daily, in the prayers and works of charity of the Xaverian Missionaries and friends. Benefactors become our cooperators. Their charity sustains us in Christ’s Work and Mission. See a few samples of Memorial Cards available. For more information and for purchasing these and cards, please contact by phone the Xaverian Office near you. Samples Can be found here.
  • Votive Lights Offerings: We light the Votive lights at Our Lady of Fatima Shrine in Holliston, MA, and let them burn as silent testimony to the prayers of praise and petition that you offer. This represents the offering of yourself completely to God with all your cares, concerns, petitions and intentions. .A Votive Light is your Silent Presence in the Mission of the Church. Your intentions will be remembered by the Xaverians the world over, and your offering will help the people the Xaverians help.
  • Student Aid Fund – Sponsorship – Urgent Needs – Last Wills: Contact the nearest Xaverian Missionary office for more details.

Xaverian Missionaries US Provincial House
12 Helene Court
Wayne, NJ 07470 Phone: (973) 492-2975
Fax: (973) 492-5012      See us on GOOGLE MAP

 Xaverian Mission Center – Our Lady of Fatima Shrine
101 Summer St. – P. O. Box 5857
Holliston, MA 01746 Phone: (508) 429-2144     See us on GOOGLE MAP
Mass Times at the Community and Shrine Church
Monday – Saturday morning: 7:30am
Tuesday evening: 7:00pm – Wednesday evening: 7:00pm
Saturday Morning: 10:00am – Sunday Morning: 11:00am
Other Religious events:
Thursday: 7:00pm: Holy Hour and Adoration
Saturday: 3:00pm – 5:00pm: Sacrament of Reconciliation
Sunday: 3:00pm: Mission Rosary and Benediction
 Our Lady of Fatima Gift Shop
Phone: (508) 429-8172

Xaverian Mission Office, Formation Community
4500 Xavier Drive – Franklin, WI 53132
Monday – Saturday morning: 8:00am – 4:00pm  Phone: (414) 421-0831