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  • Asking God for successful vocation discernment
  • I ask for prayers to solve economic problems on the family restaurant "the seven arches" founded by my grandparents who immigrated to Connecticut on their return to Italy.
  • Pray for Magdalena Lovejoy that her grief and loneliness and relationships and loss to be healed from sorrow and suffering and pray for Bruce Bradshaw to heal relationships with his dáughters and pray for Pauline Lowe and Nicoletta Rogers to heal relationships and be delivered from depression.
  • To get life Partner & Happy Marriages.
  • Prayer request for Magdalena Lovejoy and Jhana Maya Bradshaw grief and lonliness and relationships to heal and fears to heal and Cordelia Vogel fear, worry and concern to heal and these women to have a a miracle in their lives to deliver them from depression. Pray to heal Cody Dinunzio of injuries from a car accident.
  • mental wounds to heal; and trauma to heal and from grief; and for Jhana Maya B. and Cody D. to heal from a car accident; and for Bruce B. to heal relationships; and for the dearly departed soul Donna Cassel.
  • I am lost and feeling hopeless. I feel like all my hard work and caring for those around me would always help me provide for my self and my family. I lost my job and have no success finding another. I’ve worked and supported myself since I was 18. Now at 62, no one seems interested in the skills and abilities I was respected for. If I cannot provide for my family l, I don’t know what I’ll do.
  • pray for me from any spiritual blockages, open roads to victory ,pray from any spiritual attacks from enemies.
  • Blessed Mother, I continue to pray for those that persecute me. May they only hurt themselves, so that one day they may beg for the Lords forgiveness and be forgiven. May all those that they have deceived, find out that they have been deceived.
  • Lord please heal me from all my past pain and hurting I my heart but also heal my children from the pain I past to them. Jenessa, Ashley and Nathan heal their hearts . So they don’t pass this pain to their children please. Amen 🙏
  • Please pray for my children protection and guidance to always to make good decisions in their journey of life. Amen 🙏
  • Dearest Religious Communities,

    We are writing to your community to humbly ask for your prayers for our
    parish mission in the cities of Mora, Ogilvie, Foreston and Milaca in Minnesota.
    Next month, June 12-14th, the Sacred Heart Apostolate will be assisting all the
    families of our parishes to consecrate their homes and families to the Sacred
    Heart of Jesus. Please pray that this mission will be successful and that our
    parish communities will be blessed abundantly and receive the graces that the
    Lord loves to give to the souls that enthrone His Sacred Heart in their homes.

    Our parishes are:
    St. Mary's, Milaca, MN
    St. Louis Bertrand, Foreston, MN
    St. Mary’s, Mora, MN,
    St. Kathryn, Ogilvie, MN

    Mission Dates: June 12-14, 2022

    Thank you for your commitment to our Lord and Savior; we are so grateful for
    you and your prayers!

    Ad majorem Dei Gloriam!
  • Please pray for Stephanie.
    Stephanie is involved in illegal and immoral activities, abusive relationships, fraud.
    Please pray for her conversion.
    God bless you.
  • Good Morning. I ask for prayers for Tatiana. For our marriage. May God help her, give her discernment in developing, elaborating, starting up (if it is her will), obtaining permits and clients... for her bakery. For a better job. For my eyes and sight. For being able to save and buy a house. I pray to God for you too. May God watch over you and protect you. Grant them what your heart desires. Give them abundant thanks. Heal them and fill their hearts with your love and mercy. May God manifest with power in you. Cover your needs at all times. Thank you very much for your prayers. Thanks



    Dear Community of Prayer,

    Thank you for praying with us daily for the long term!



    Wishing the Community of prayer peace in their hearts! Especially in these growing uncertainties of our times. Terrible events!

    Somehow by the grace of God and your prayers we are still standing. We are more determined than ever to pray! To enter His eternal rest and trust that out of that rest will come His will for everything.

    All that matters now in these dark times is His perfect will?

    In the end only love remains.

    Thank you for praying with all of us daily during this terrible dark time(2020'S,,) in world history!

    Just know we are praying with you daily. Please continue to pray with us daily Now and in the days ahead 2022,2023… or as long as possible?
  • Will always remember his sense of humor … he was always so quick to respond in a humorous way . When I would ask how someone was he would respond , “ how should I know . I am not a doctor .” He always forgot my name . When I would tell him he would laugh and respond , “ a guy named Sue !” Loved his personable ways and His devotion to Mary . God bless him ! 🙏RIP
  • The first time i met Fr. Tony, he told me a joke. He wanted to know my husband’s name which is Tony. He then asked me if i knew why so many Italians were named Tony. I did not know. He said it was because when they landed on Ellis Island, the immigration person wrote TO NY ( to New York) on their papers. Fr. Tony was such a gentleman, always had a smile and was a sweetheart of a person. I will miss seeing him. May God bless Fr. Tony
  • Father Tony, Thank you for the gift of your life to the priesthood. May your earthly sacrifices be your heavenly reward.🙏
  • Fr. Tony was a great priest. I had the pleasure of knowing him since 1992 when he came back to Holliston. He was very important to us as a family when our daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor. His intercession and influence with the Good Lord, I have no doubt, turned things around. He married her and her sister, baptized some of our grandchildren. May he Rest In Peace.
  • Fr. Tony used to come to St. Thomas and say the 8:30 Children\'s Mass at The Large Hall when I was going to CCD in the 1960s. I loved listening to him, and because of his Italian accent I thought that the pope sent him to us. Many years later, I saw him at the shrine a few times, and had the opportunity to reminisce about those days. He was always ready to offer a blessing, and his faith was strong and inspirational. His was truly a life well lived.
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Xaverian Prayers

We offer these prayers for your intentions and needs.

Fr. Tony Lalli SX opened a recent meeting with this prayer By Fr. Andy Alexander SJ:

God of us all, may we be healed and brought together as your people. It was the desire Jesus expressed in his prayer to you the night before he died – that we all would be one. Help us turn to you in faith, that we might repent of all our divisiveness and that we might seek forgiveness and greater unity. May your Spirit inspire us to see the common good, over our own individual good. May we be martyrs – at least witnesses – of the self-sacrificing love you shared with us in Jesus, who died for all of our sins. Let reconciliation begin in our homes and in our closest relationships. May unity always be more important than victory, forgiveness always be sought before judgments, and may solidarity guide our hearts to care for those most on the margins and most in need of our love.Holy Father, keep them in your name that you have given me, so that they may be one just as we are. John 17:11

Andy Alexander, S.J. – Director of the Collaborative Ministry Office at Creighton University.

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