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  • The Trinity
  • Please pray for me without ceasing. I need a lot of prayers and miracles.
  • I thank the Blessed Mother of Fatima.
  • Please pray for me that I can find decent employment to keep my parents and myself in our home.
  • Please Pray for the Healing of Body and Soul of my Uncle Robert Jaquez
  • Please pray for Eric McDonald. Please pray for his conversion and salvation.
    May the light of Christ illuminate his soul
    May the love of God heal his heart and soul.
    May God bless him and help him!
    May the gospel of Jesus Christ be his faith, hope, and love!
  • Please pray for Patricia Luiz Scullin as she fights glioblastoma (brain cancer).
    1. Don

      my wife has the same brain caner. This past December she celebrated starting her 15yrs with glioblastoma. she is now 54ys old, prays everyday and thankful for life. My only advise, is give Patricia Love and support and walk with God.

  • For my son to find a salaried position so he can support himself.
  • Please pray for healing for my friend Whitney to cure her lupus.
  • Hello
    Pleease Perpetually Enroll
    John Francis Luke Ahern (The Trinity),
    Pallaskenry Limerick Ireland,
    in all Perpetual Enrollments.
    Thank you
  • Please Pray,

    May God the Father be with my family members, Anthony, Theresa, Maria, Sebastian and my wife Jennifer and our child Aaiden and may the hand of God be upon us. May Jesus Christ bless us- use us- protect us -guide us, May the grace, peace, love, mercy, blessings and unity of Jesus Christ be with us. May Jesus Christ forgive us of all our sins and heal us spiritually, physically and mentally and financially and our past. May Jesus Christ deliver us from every sin-evil-curse-bondage and set us free. May Jesus Christ reveal his plan for my Life(Sebastian) and use me according to his will. Amen,

  • Please pray for repose of souls of Ms. Victoria Conceisao,  Mr. Aleixo Silva, Ms. Sucorinha Gomes,  Ms. Lilia Conceisao, Ms. Leonora Correia, Mr. Peter Correia and Mr. Joseph Conceisao.
  • With serious emotional problems and the people who are enabling her. Also for her parents, doctor and therapist.
  • With serious emotional problems and the people who are enabling her. Also for her parents, doctor and therapist.
  • I ask for your prayer of intercession before the Most Holy God, because I get the solutions and help that I have been promised, in my search for job and essential resources. I ask to Holy God for the success of my job postulations and job interviews. I ask prayer to Holy God for the good friends, for the false friends and for the bad friends.I request prayer for my friend Daniel De La Fuente and your people, for my friend Carlos Meschwitz and your people, for my relative and friend Rubén Albarracín and your people, for my friend Joseph Saleme and your people, and for my friend Malvina Seguí and your people.
  • For favors received.
    Never let me be ungrateful.
  • I pray for those that persecute others, may they only hurt themselves, so that one day they me beg for the Lords forgiveness and be forgiven.
  • We ask your prayers for two members of our Xaverian family, Thomas and Carmela Davis of Monroe Twp. NJ, who entered eternal life in 2019. Carmela had been a cook for our confreres in Japan many years ago and Tom and she reconnected with the US Provincial House last year. Carmela passed away on January 9th and Tom passed away on June 3rd of this year. May their souls and all the souls of the faithful departed, rest in peace.
  • Christ of all things, our nation and world is wounded by divisions and fragmentation across cultures and faiths. Bring us together Lord in dialogue, collaboration, and peace.
  • Please pray for healing of my eyes and digestive system and healing of pku for my little grandson, Luca John Papariella.

    Thank You !
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Xaverian Prayers

We offer these prayers for your intentions and needs.

Fr. Tony Lalli SX opened a recent meeting with this prayer By Fr. Andy Alexander SJ:

God of us all, may we be healed and brought together as your people. It was the desire Jesus expressed in his prayer to you the night before he died – that we all would be one. Help us turn to you in faith, that we might repent of all our divisiveness and that we might seek forgiveness and greater unity. May your Spirit inspire us to see the common good, over our own individual good. May we be martyrs – at least witnesses – of the self-sacrificing love you shared with us in Jesus, who died for all of our sins. Let reconciliation begin in our homes and in our closest relationships. May unity always be more important than victory, forgiveness always be sought before judgments, and may solidarity guide our hearts to care for those most on the margins and most in need of our love.Holy Father, keep them in your name that you have given me, so that they may be one just as we are. John 17:11

Andy Alexander, S.J. – Director of the Collaborative Ministry Office at Creighton University.

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