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  • Please pray for inner peace for me. Also for some relief in my present life which is absolutely miserable. For deliverance from my present situation. I need Gods guidance in my life

    Thank you
  • Pray for my mother Nellie. She has a severe infection called cdiff and it is in her stomach and colon. It has caused her to be severely dehydrated and causing Kidney malfunction. Pray for her full healing and long life. Pray Sunni is healed....Pray God also God reveals to me the right woman to be married too. Pray God gives me clarity if a lady named Jen is the one. Pray if she is God brings it too pass. But please pray God gives me revelation in this area and I find the right woman have kids. Pray my mom lives to see me married with kids and gets to know my kids and sees me in preaching ministry full time. God bless.
  • This prayer is for honor and peace of the recently departed soul of Robert Record, a true believer in miracles and a true friend.
  • That God grant Timothy to call me very soon and start our love new !
  • Please pray for my family who has endured nothing but hardships the past few years. For my nana with severe Alzheimer’s who hardly remembers us and for my boyfriend who is going through more than I can imagine. He is in a dark place and I want him to find the light. Please pray for their salvation and mine that I will love my new job as a nurse helping and healing the blind and deaf.
  • Plesae pray for healing in all areas and God's guidance and protection for 5 people with very serious illness and their family. Please pray for them to have salvation.
    Thanks so much and God, please Bless you
  • Everyone calls him Twinky. He messed up and took some drugs during a moment of weakness and he got caught. Please pray for this good person to just receive a "slap on the wrist." He is a wonderful person that made a mistake =(
  • Heal my cancer
  • Heal my cancer
  • Please pray for continued healing in all areas for 5 people with very serious illness and their family and for them to use what God has done for them for God and fulfill the calling that God has on their lives.
    God, please bless you and this ministry.
  • Please say a little prayer for me. Protection from harm and dagner
  • Please pray for the protection and health of my unborn child, for a healthy and strong full-term pregnancy with no complications. Please pray for all unborn children, all mothers, and those contemplating abortion - that they will choose life. Please bless all those who are praying so hard for my husband and I. Thanks be to God, may His name be ever praised for this precious gift of my womb.
  • Hello, Please keep my sons, Andrew and Matthew, in prayer for deliverance from street drugs. Both of my adult sons battle addictions daily. I ask that God will continue to break down the walls in their hearts to turn their lives to Him. I know the power of drugs in this world have a strong hold on them and only the power of God in their lives will allow them to be free. God, please keep them safe until this day happens! Thank you for your prayers.
  • Would like to request a prayer for my mother who is suffering from cancer. Many thanks
  • Esophagus and lining of digestion, hands-knees-back from job
  • I attend Father Aniello's Mass and Healing in Catskill New York. After the Healing Service, I came away with a COMPLETE HEALING. Inner-Outer. The list of my illness is too long to mention. Thank you Father Aniello for your Mission. Linda
  • Dear Lord and Mother Mary,

    I attended Chandler's funeral yesterday and there is so much sadness for the loss of someone so young. I am confused as to why you would not only take a young man of 29 years who was such a loving and good person., but to allow him to suffer for the two and a half months that he did. I believe that you have a plan for him and know that he doesn't need protection because I am sure he is right by your side. However, his family is suffering. His brothers and parents will never be the same and there is such a hole in their hearts. Please watch over The Langlois Family: Rob, Shari, Cameron, Conner, and Christian. They have lost a very special compass in their lives. Thank you. Amen.
  • I humbly request healing prayers to Saint Francis Xavier.
  • Please pray for my mom, Carolyn, who was diagnosed with lung cancer. May the Lord guide the hands and hearts of doctors and their staff.
  • Please pray for a complete healing for baby Isaac who contracted RSV and was in a coma. He has been in the hospital for 3 weeks. He needs help breathing, swallowing and brain injury. Pray for his parents for comfort and clarity thru this time. Pray for his doctors and caretakers. Thank you
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Xaverian Prayers

We offer these prayers for your intentions and needs.

Fr. Tony Lalli SX opened a recent meeting with this prayer By Fr. Andy Alexander SJ:

God of us all, may we be healed and brought together as your people. It was the desire Jesus expressed in his prayer to you the night before he died – that we all would be one. Help us turn to you in faith, that we might repent of all our divisiveness and that we might seek forgiveness and greater unity. May your Spirit inspire us to see the common good, over our own individual good. May we be martyrs – at least witnesses – of the self-sacrificing love you shared with us in Jesus, who died for all of our sins. Let reconciliation begin in our homes and in our closest relationships. May unity always be more important than victory, forgiveness always be sought before judgments, and may solidarity guide our hearts to care for those most on the margins and most in need of our love.Holy Father, keep them in your name that you have given me, so that they may be one just as we are. John 17:11

Andy Alexander, S.J. – Director of the Collaborative Ministry Office at Creighton University.

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