Delegation House, Wayne, New Jersey

Xaverian Missionaries – Delegation House

12 Helene Court – Wayne, NJ 07470

Fr. Mark Marangone SX, Superior Delegate

Fr. Michael Davitti SX, Community Superior

The Delegation Administration:
The Mission Media Office:

Celebrations at the Delegation House

Fr. Michael’s Scripture Study group surprised him with a birthday party in June and he reciprocated with a 14-course dinner in July.

Scripture Study at the Delegation House

The study group meets on Fridays at 1:30 PM in the library. In addition to Bible passages, liturgical celebrations, and popular devotions are also discussed. Please email Fr. Michael for more information

Novena of Grace to Saint Francis Xavier, March 4- 12, 2023

Faith Formation at the Delegation House

Father Michael’s Friday Bible Study Class at the Provincial House Bible Class is increasing! He states he has “never seen so much enthusiasm. We start at 1:30 pm and we keep going, by popular demand till 4:00 pm. Our group has grown from the initial three participants to 12 at the last meeting we had on Friday, May 27th. We traced back our steps and we came to the conclusion that more than a Bible Study, we could be considered an ongoing Christian formation for adult Christians. We had a joyful potluck party and we left with the promise to start again in September. All are welcome to join.”

To join or have more information please call the Provincial House at (973) 942-2975 or email Fr. Michael at

COMMON GROUND: Conference of Dialogue Between Secular Humanists and Religious Believers

The Xaverian Missionaries and the American Humanist Association organized a special conference of dialogue that brought together religious believers, secular humanists, and nonbelievers in conversation to gain perspective on each other’s ways of seeing the world while embracing commonalities in our human experience that unite us for social change. We called it COMMON GROUND 2015.

Through four panel sessions and networking participants joined academics and leaders from national and local organizations to discuss views on finding meaning in life, ethics and values, and how to collaborate for social action.

Check out and share our Common Group Social Networks: Facebook page and  CG Twitter Feed

Common Ground “Meetup” at the Provincial House

Conversations among Atheists, Humanists, and Religious Believers take place on the last Sunday of each month at 3 p.m. via Zoom. Topics center on the values and ethics that we share. Click here for more information and to join the group.

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